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Fully-charged housing developments - new regs

28/09/2021 12:08:33

news story imageIn advance of the government unveiling new Building Regulations which will mandate electric vehicle chargepoints in new homes, the NHBC Foundation has published a guide to help house builders understand the new requirements.  The following text is reproduced from the foreword of the guide 'Plugging in to the future: electric vehicle charging and new homes', by kind permission.
"Around the end of this decade the UK government will ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans, and as a result there will be a rapid increase in the number of electric vehicles (EVs) needing to be charged. The infrastructure required to support this transition is significant. In 2019 the Department for Transport launched a consultation on facilitating EV charging in new homes and buildings undergoing major refurbishment, with the intention of introducing a new Building Regulations approved document in England. In 2020 the Welsh Senedd published an electric vehicle charging strategy confirming similar intentions. In 2021 the Scottish government started consultation on EV charging infrastructure, again with the intention of including provision within the Building Standards. It is expected that similar regulations will also be brought forward in Northern Ireland.

"This NHBC Foundation publication, prepared by Cutland Consulting Limited, looks at what is a fast-changing landscape.  At the time of writing, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has moved from trying to limit global temperature rises to 1.5°C to accepting that even with significant reductions in emissions, temperatures are likely to increase beyond 1.5°C within 20 years. This reinforces the need for urgent action to implement measures which can make a rapid and practical impact on cutting emissions.

"This publication provides guidance on the current state of play with electric vehicles and chargepoints, and what house builders will need to provide within the curtilage of a single dwelling or where the development has off-plot or shared parking. The report considers the safety aspects of installation and provides a comprehensive list of standards to be consulted. It also stresses the importance of early engagement with the relevant Distribution Network Operator to ensure that there is sufficient electrical capacity to the development site. The report finishes off with a look at future technology, some of which may appear sooner than expected. We hope that this publication will prove useful in extending understanding of the challenges and opportunities for the industry in what will unquestionably be a fast-moving context."

Speaking of the guide's publication, our director Dr Neil Cutland said, "Cutland Consulting Limited is delighted to have worked with the NHBC Foundation once again, this time to research and write this guide which we hope will help house builders understand what they'll have to do under the EV chargepoint requirements.  It's good to see that the decarbonisation of Britain is starting to join up traditionally separate sectors such as transport and housing, and we look forward to seeing the house building industry rise to this new challenge."

'Plugging in to the future: electric vehicle charging and new homes' (ref NF90) can be downloaded free of charge from www.nhbcfoundation.org.  

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