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Five top tips for...

21/05/2015 15:06:58

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...getting (and keeping) a job in the green buildings industry

1. Learn your stuff

Obviously.  Goes without saying.

2. Unlearn, then re-learn, your stuff

You’ll get used to this. For example, Cutland Consulting has been involved with the zero carbon buildings agenda since it first popped up in 2005.  In that time we have become intimately familiar with, and helped to shape, at least four different definitions of zero.  It’s always good in life to keep on learning – so don’t fight change, embrace it.

3. Widen your expertise

Don’t become an expert in only one thing.  For example, don't focus on just energy efficiency; offer your employer the full spectrum of sustainability skills like Cutland Consulting does for its clients.  Then if, say, zero carbon newbuild is abolished you can always offer Code for Sustainable Homes services.   (Oh, wait...)

4. Get a sense of humour

That, or become increasingly bitter and twisted as Governments come and go, policies change, standards are re-defined and market forces blow you around like the wind.  If you naturally find this kind of thing funny (or you can force yourself to), you will probably live longer than the person who gnashes their teeth over it all.  But either way, try to enjoy the fact that through your job you are genuinely helping to shape the built environment for our future generations.  (Seriously.)

5.  Look to the future

Right now we reckon that the smart folk are getting into battery storage.  Seems like that's where it's going.  But next year it could well be something different, so stay alert.

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