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The two year milestone

02/10/2012 14:31:33

news story imageCutland Consulting Limited recently celebrated its second birthday.

Director Neil Cutland said, “In September 2010 I shut myself away for a few days at a remote location on the Norfolk coast, with a pair of binoculars to watch the birds and a blank sheet of paper to formulate a business plan.  While there I also came up with a strapline that described what I thought the new company should offer: ‘Strategic Support for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability’. It’s gratifying that, two years later, the same strapline does indeed reflect what we’ve been up to, although I haven’t managed to fit in much more bird watching!”

The company’s first commission was a half-day assignment to represent a client at a zero carbon policy meeting, the fee for which was essentially the train fare and a bit of lunch money.  Significant contracts with major players in the energy and sustainability world quickly followed.  These ranged from the deeply technical (eg. BREDEM modelling of housetypes heading towards 2016), through the writing and editing of industry-facing guidance and reports, to the highly strategic (market analysis, formulating new business strategies for companies changing direction, and specialist management consultancy).
“I admit that I’ve enjoyed the strategic work the most,” said Neil, “but from the client feedback it’s clear that with our network of Associates we’re succeeding at all of these types of work.  As long as we can remain fleet-of-foot and responsive to our clients’ needs as the company grows, we’ll keep our early reputation for getting things done.”
Cutland Consulting rounded off the two years by securing a fascinating contract to work with the energy regulator Ofgem on the transition from CERT and CESP to the Energy Company Obligation, ECO.  “And coincidentally, things went full circle when a (different) client recently asked us to represent them at a (different) zero carbon policy meeting!” added Neil.
Neil summed up by thanking all of the company’s clients to date. “I can honestly say that we’ve enjoyed working with every single one.  We’re very much looking forward to developing those relationships, as well as forging new ones, over the next two years”

A list of Cutland Consulting’s clients can be viewed on the website here.

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