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The Code - but not THAT one

12/10/2011 09:23:40

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Cutland Consulting Ltd has celebrated its first anniversary by moving into intriguing new offices at historic Bletchley Park, home of the World War 2 codebreakers.

We are sharing an office suite with three other companies who share our general ethos and our enthusiasm for low-energy buildings; two of them are 'deep green' architects and the third is a builder of low-energy homes.  To reduce our environmental footprint, the office is deliberately fitted out with second hand furniture from a variety of sources, and to tie together the different looks the dividers are covered with artificial grass!  This quirky feature is complemented with real plants, and the combination creates a great atmosphere - both visually, acoustically and in terms of air quality.

"It's been good to spread our wings and take this important next step in the company's development," said director Neil Cutland.  "Bletchley Park is a fascinating place to work from, surrounded by code machines, early computers and the odd submarine.  We're also looking forward to developing closer working relationships with the other companies in our office suite."

Bletchley Park is arguably one of Britain's most important 20th century historical sites.  The men and women who worked here gave the allies a critical edge in WW2, and heralded the technological revolution that was to follow.  Throughout the war, against seemingly impossible odds and in total secrecy, the codebreakers systematically broke what was the backbone of Germany’s communications cypher system – Enigma.

Led by Alan Turing, they occupied a collection of wooden and brick-built huts, with the top brass occupying a rather more comfortable house known as "The Mansion".  Most of Bletchley Park now comprises a visitor attraction, but The Mansion has been converted into the modern offices where Cutland Consulting is now based. 

Please contact us via our website if you fancy a look around!

12 October 2011

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