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2013, here we come

13/05/2011 13:31:35

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Cutland Consulting Ltd have just become involved with the latest two advisory panels set up to help Government plan the road to 2016. 


The 2013 Part L1 Working Group is meeting regularly over the next few weeks to coordinate industry’s suggestions for this important ‘stepping stone’ to zero carbon.  The group reports to BRAC and hence onwards to DCLG.  And an Allowable Solutions Workshop was held this week to provide feedback on the possible regulatory mechanisms that will deliver the final slice of the zero carbon triangle, the responsibility of DECC and DCLG.


“Once again it’s an honour and a privilege to be asked to sit on these panels,” said director Neil Cutland, “and we’re delighted to be able to contribute our technical and strategic opinion on behalf of our clients AECB and the Passivhaus Trust, jointly the 'green building' lobby.  But I do hope that the recommendations of the advisory groups are given a favourable reception by the Government.  There’s only so much goodwill available when, at the same time, everyone is focussed on their own commercial challenges, so when a consensus is reached it must be taken seriously.”  


The task for 2013 is to formulate a pragmatic standard that designers and developers can truly guarantee to deliver, learning the lessons at the same time for the next step in 2016.  The whole 2016 zero-carbon policy is rather more controversial, especially considering the scale of the problem with our existing stock, but Cutland Consulting believes that this near-iconic aspiration for newbuild can genuinely inspire people to action in their current buildings. 


Neil added, “It’s long been recognised that what people see in showhomes on a Sunday morning creates demand in the wider market.  Look at avocado bathrooms in the 70s, or granite kitchen worktops more recently – whatever you might think of them, the fact remains that people installed them because newbuild homes did it first.  Why not energy  efficiency too?”


13 May 2011       

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