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Politically correct carbon?

23/02/2011 10:02:33

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Before submitting its final report to the Housing Minister this week, the Zero Carbon Hub’s ‘Carbon Compliance Standard Task Group’  had to make a decision on “Should the carbon compliance level be allowed to be set locally?”


The Task Group (of which Cutland Consulting’s director, Dr Neil Cutland, is a member), easily reached consensus: essentially “No”, because of the complex technical, financial and social implications of setting the level somewhere other than where the Task Group has recommended.


“Or at least we thought we had a consensus,” said Neil.  “Then at the very last minute, the Local Government Association withdrew its support, insisting that the level might be varied locally ‘in line with legitimate political choice’ ”.


Neil added, “It makes no sense whatsoever to replace the hundreds of person-hours of rigorous and painstaking research which has gone into setting this level with mere ‘political choice’.  In that instance, you could legitimately ask why the Government commissioned the Task Group at all.  But thankfully reason prevailed, and the report went to the Minister as written but with a short covering letter stating the LGA’s objection.”


“Now we can move on and sort out the final piece of the jigsaw, the Allowable Solutions,” said Neil.  “This one will be great fun!”


23 February 2011


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